A lot of clients have asked me for tips on what to wear for their family photos so here are a few tips on helps you choose the right outfits for you and your family!

1. Coordinating colors

There's no need for everyone to wear the same color, instead choose up to three coordinating colors. It even helps to start with one outfit and work off of that piece.  Here's a great visual of coordinating colors, courtesy of www.besweet.com.


2. Textures can be fun!

Don't be afraid to wear jewelry, scarfs, vests, belts! They can add interest to your photo.



3. White and Black

It's ok if one person chooses to wear white or black, it can actually be pretty depending on the background but be aware that white can easily overexpose and loose all detail and black can do the same as well. Here's an example of where white or ivory works. 


4. Home Decor

Take a look around your house and pick outfits that will coordinate well with what you have in your home. Its also nice to keep your clothing timeless because hopefully these photos will be up in your home for a while. 

5. Patterns

Playing with patterns can be fun, just try and keep the patterns small. It's also ok to mix patterns such as stripes and plaid or polka dots just keep it limited to two different patterns. 


6. Characters and Logos

Stay away from outfits with brand logos or characters, it can get distracting and I want the focus to be on your beautiful faces. 

7. Have fun!

This is my most important tip! Please don't stress about your outfits, have fun with it!