Purple and Ruffles: Natalie's Cake Smash

One year old photo sessions are always super entertaining, especially when it's your own child. Their little personalities are starting to come alive and it's fun to see that through the photos.

Natalie had a great time smiling for her Daddy and sister who stood right behind me the whole time. She also loved exploring the set and trying to eat the pearls! Speaking of eating, this kid had nooooo problem getting right into that cake! It took her a second to get used to the texture but once she realized it actually tasted good she let out an "mmmm" and dug in! She even tried to climb on top of the cake stand. 

This shoot brought back so many memories of my oldest daughter's cake smash with the talented Ariel Holcomb Photography. I love how my two daughters are so different yet so alike in that they are happy and love life! 

Happy Birthday Natalie and here's to another great year!! 

I just want to say a special thanks to the following very talented friends!! Please take a second to visit their shops or message me for their info for super cute handmade items for your little ones! 

Bloomers by Simply Anandi 

Age Blocks by Trinkets and Memories

Cake Smash cake by Jeanette Thom 

"One" t-shirt embroidered by Lindsey Mccollough