A Boy on the Move!

The title pretty much sums up this session, ha! All B wanted to do was run and explore our location and that's so awesome. Although, I'm glad B's parents had a few tricks up their sleeves (or iPhone) to help distract B.  I will have to remember to put a few Mickey Mouse Clubhouse songs on my phone because that seemed to really work! What a great learning experience. I really did enjoy this session. They were such a nice and sweet family to work with and I sure do love B's little walk. Too cute! 

Siblings and a Suitcase

This session went by so quick, before I knew it time was up. I had such a great time. The funniest moment was when I grabbed the suitcase to use as a prop for them to sit on and the little boy asked where I was going, ha! Too funny. I also loved the moments in between the posed shots where the kids were themselves and playing with their parents. Those to me are the sweetest shots to capture. 

Pumpkin Patch Mini Shoot: Hunt Club Farm

So it's fall and where's the perfect place for my first mini session location…? A pumpkin patch! I really enjoyed taking these little one's photos along with their moms. It was certainly a team effort to make the kids laugh or even sit still. The geese by the pond were doing a better job at keeping there attention.

I am also so thankful I met a new photographer friend in the group who knew how to work a reflector and she worked it well! Full midday sun was definitely my biggest challenge. I also want to say thanks to the parents behind the scenes who watched my two kids so I could take these beautiful photos!