A Boy on the Move!

The title pretty much sums up this session, ha! All B wanted to do was run and explore our location and that's so awesome. Although, I'm glad B's parents had a few tricks up their sleeves (or iPhone) to help distract B.  I will have to remember to put a few Mickey Mouse Clubhouse songs on my phone because that seemed to really work! What a great learning experience. I really did enjoy this session. They were such a nice and sweet family to work with and I sure do love B's little walk. Too cute! 

Siblings and a Suitcase

This session went by so quick, before I knew it time was up. I had such a great time. The funniest moment was when I grabbed the suitcase to use as a prop for them to sit on and the little boy asked where I was going, ha! Too funny. I also loved the moments in between the posed shots where the kids were themselves and playing with their parents. Those to me are the sweetest shots to capture. 

Barbour Bagwell Family: Fall Perfection

The fun part about photography is not just taking beautiful photos but getting to meet new people that you would otherwise never have a chance to meet. That being said,  I really enjoyed getting to know Kelly and her sweet family during this session. They were so much fun to work with in this perfect fall setting on the perfect fall day. I sure do love those baby smiles! So precious.